People may choose to seek bariatric or weight loss surgery abroad for various reasons, and these motivations can differ based on individual circumstances. Some common reasons include:

Cost Savings: Elective surgeries, including weight loss surgeries, are significantly more affordable in certain countries compared to others. To compare - 

Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy surgery costs: Latvia EUR 5870 (GBP 5100)  /  Ireland EUR 21 000 (GBP 18 000)  /   United Kingdom EUR 12 000 (GBP 13 000)  /   Turkey from EUR 3000 (GBP 2500).

Seeking treatment abroad may offer a cost-effective alternative for individuals who are unable to afford the same procedure in their home country or just want to save money by having the surgery abroad. Be aware you choose a high quality and reputable hospital with an experienced surgical team and double check what is included in the surgery package. Do not choose only by price!

Reduced Waiting Times: In countries like Ireland and the United Kingdom, there may be long waiting lists for weight loss surgery on the public health system (HSE and NHS accordingly) and in some situations even in private hospitals. Seeking weight loss surgery abroad can lead to shorter waiting times, allowing to receive care more promptly.

Even More Affordable By Claiming Surgery Costs Back On The EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive. Same rights to receive high quality medical treatment at reasonable time for EU and EEA citizens is regulated by the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive. Especially for the convenience of our Irish customers. Unfortunately no longer applicable for the UK citizens. 

Higher Quality of Care: It is not a secret that certain countries provide a strictly regulated by law (EU, WHO) higher quality medical care or have more experienced healthcare professionals. Always look for credibility, experience and reputation of the hospital and its team abroad. 

Privacy and Confidentiality: Some individuals prefer to undergo bariatric surgery abroad in a more private or confidential setting. Going abroad can offer a degree of anonymity, reducing the chances of encountering people they know or preserving their privacy.

Combining Medical Treatment With A Little Holidays: Weight loss surgery abroad offers a few days off and seeing another country and culture. Of course, travel circumstances and intensity should be reasonably assessed when going for general surgery. Also length of flight is important. Surgeons might recommend looking for max 2-3 hours flight in a 3-4 days period after bariatric surgery abroad. 

While seeking weight loss surgery abroad can offer various benefits, it is essential for individuals to thoroughly research and plan their healthcare journey. They should consider factors such as the reputation of healthcare facilities, the qualifications of medical professionals, language barriers, potential cultural differences, and the availability of aftercare and follow-up services. Additionally, consulting with healthcare professionals in both the home and destination countries is crucial for ensuring a safe and effective medical experience.