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Permanent excess weight loss in 6-12 months

Weight loss surgery is a major life changing tool towards healthier & happier you! Start now!


Initial assessment

Weight-loss surgery

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Sigulda Hospital

2000 weight loss surgery patients have started their new lives with the Sigulda Hospital expert bariatric team!




Save up to 50% from the surgery cost in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and up to 75% from the cost in the US.

Assessment & documentation
Meet & greet & transfers
Health check-up & consultations
Surgery & intensive care
Aftercare & follow up

5370€ / 4900£



Patient after bariatric surgery

From start to finish my treatment from sigulda clinic has been amazing. My questions were all answered promptly and fully, everything was done for me, the flights arranged for both my daughter and myself. We were met from the airport and treated like royalty. The clinic is clean and smart and the staff all so friendly. The operation went very well and the care I received was second to none. I could not have asked for more. I would highly recommend this service.

Roberta, United Kingdom

gastric sleeve patient after weight loss

I can really recommend Sigulda Hospital to anyone. Really satisfied with everything from the first moment I contacted them, really good communication, information and service.

Sandra, Sweden

Gastric sleeve patient

If you are reading this then you might know what it’s like to fight a war with yourself every hour of every day – and how exhausting it can be and so you tire and give in only to be faced with shame followed by an extra few pounds/kilos on the scale and then the war starts again the next day… I tried everything to combat my weight and for a few years I won the battles by becoming “healthy” and “fit”. I ran marathons, cycled to work, did everything “they” say to do but food/weight was always my enemy and my internal struggle was always there.

Eventually I just got tired, burnt out, and stopped fighting. No more exercise, no more diets and naturally my weight ballooned. I lost the battle. It took about a year for me to admit even to myself that I needed help – I can say that now – I needed help and so I got help.

I contacted Ilva and she was wonderful – as were all the staff – no question was unanswered and I was so well taken care of. Three months in, 15 kilos down, back in the gym, back to being me and for the first time in my life I feel that I might have the tools to win this war …. even if it took a little help…

Sharon, Ireland

Gastric bypass patient

Living in Mainland Europe there is sometimes a stigma attached to developing countries such as the Baltic states, Poland etc…so although I had visited Latvia on a few occasions, I was a little bit nervous about having surgery abroad. However from the very first email, the fundamentals were explained with great detail and guidelines set out clearly for before and after. Upon arriving in Riga airport I was greeted by Ilva and made to feel comfortable, shown around Sigulda, and put up in a nice boutique hotel in the centre of the town. In the hospital everything was smooth and well explained, and the help from the medical staff and doctors was 10/10. The operation and after pain was nowhere near the same pain that I had read about…after 2 days I was walking around the town, and felt as if I was recovering already. The doctor provided me with updates and good, precise advice on what to eat and drink, and at what stage. This operation was only 3 months ago and has changed my life in a massive way. The best money I have ever spent!

John, United Kingdom

After weight loss

I couldn’t be more pleased with my stay and treatment in Sigulda hospital. Nurses and staff were friendly and caring, always ready to help with a smile. My room was comfortable and clean. Doctor Kozlovskis was very competent and visited me often. I’ve also had a quick recovery that I am certain is due to the wonderful care, I was given in hospital.

Lawona, Sweden


Sam’s gastric bypass surgery with Weight Loss Latvia

My Gastric Bypass surgery with Weight Loss Latvia



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