Vandhana Patel

Vandhana Patel

Expert certified bariatric dietitian,

The role of a bariatric dietitian is integral to the success of bariatric surgery, as they help individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes that support weight loss, improve overall health, and enhance the quality of life after surgery in long term. 

We at Weight Loss Latvia are happy to offer Van's services to our bariatric patients since 2018. Currently our weight loss surgery package includes 3 months subscription on the bariatric dietitian's platform Beyond Bariatrics, where educational and practical information is provided - videos, e-books, recipes. And also monthly calls with Van Patel herself. 

Bariatric dietitian Vandhana Patel:

✅ is fully registered with the Health Care Professions Council in the United Kingdom,

✅ is a member of the British Dietetic Association,

✅ has around 30 years experience working as a bariatric dietitian and post-bariatric consultant on the NHS and privately.

With Van you will learn, how to -

  • Change and improve your relationship with food,
  • Make sustainable lifestyle changes,
  • Develop a positive mindset,
  • Plan and have the right nutritional supplementation.

Vandhana Patel is entitled to write a recommendation letter to your GP in the UK, to refer you on to a specialist psychologist, endocrinologist, radiologist, surgeon support, if required.


Liver Reduction Diet. Why it is important

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