We at Weight Loss Latvia are committed to helping our clients reach their weight loss goals, improve their health, social life and life expectancy. Our surgeons, anaesthesiologists and all team are certified, skilled and personally responsible for each of our customer’s success. We aim to provide personal and well organised customer service to save stress of the trip management as surgery abroad is a big decision itself to everyone. Read more what’s included in the surgery package.


Sigulda Hospital is a recognized hospital in Latvia. The most experienced bariatric team of Latvia will guide you through your weight loss journey. All services are provided meeting the highest EU quality standards. Recovery is provided in the hospital, no hotels involved.


Our bariatric team’s biggest achievement is around 2000 satisfied weight loss surgery patients. We are sure you will reach your goals as well!


Our patient coordinator will contact you as soon as we get your enquiry. After a responsible assessment the surgery will be scheduled within 1-3 months or later, depending on your personal needs.


You will save 50% or more comparing to costs in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA and other “Old Western” countries.


Riga / Latvia can be reached in 1.5 – 2.5 hours by direct flights from any European country.


Our staff is committed to treating patients with privacy and dignity. We follow EU privacy and data protection regulations. More about our Privacy policy.


Sigulda Hospital is located close to nature in Sigulda, one of the most beautiful cities of Latvia, providing relaxing and recovery friendly atmosphere.


Our patient coordinator Ilva will meet you at the Riga airport. All transfers and accommodation are going to be provided, letting you concentrate on your treatment instead of trip management. For our customer safety and convenience we follow our customer success also after the surgery. We provide post-operation care by a specialist in the UK.