So called “bariatric honeymoon” is usually considered the 1 to 2 years post bariatric surgery. Why❓
The first few months after weight-loss surgery sometimes can seem easy. Mostly people have limited hunger, they eat very small volumes of food and often struggle to get all necessary amount of food in. This is the period when it feels as the weight is just falling off. After several years many people refer to this first year after their surgeries as a “honeymoon period.”
Unfortunately and for sure the “honeymoon” doesn’t last forever. As the body is a live system, in most cases hunger returns a bit, food volumes increase and some people may feel they have to struggle to stay on track.

Your diet is the most important and you should learn your healthy eating habits during that first and second year after the surgery.

▶️Some tips to keep you going a year after the surgery.

👉Eat solid food. Soft, liquid and crunchy foods slip easily through your pouch and leave you feeling hungry sooner.

👉Protein first. Protein is and always should be the centre of your meals. Eating three main meals a day concentrating on protein is a good way to meet your daily protein needs and will keep you full longer. If you add a protein supplement to your daily diet, be aware you need it for your protein, not just to add unnecessary calories.

👉Limit carbohydrates. By advancing your diet after the post-operation period you may start adding more carbohydrates. They should be added in moderation, be very with this. Get used to whole grain choices, brown rice and only in the end of your meal, if you still have space.

👉Avoid snacking. If you do, make good choices – protein bars, fruit, cheese, yoghurt (low sugar).

👉Get your fluids. Still it is important to drink 1.5-2l of liquids per day (avoid carbonated and sugared drinks).

👉Plan your meals. Planning is everything after bariatric surgery. It may take time and it is natural if only you aim to eat healthy. Do not rely on fast food, street food, processed food. This is the way back where you started!

And remember you may look for a specialist help with no worries. Every investment is worth it if you do it for your health and happiness!

Good luck!!! 🧡