Gallstone disease is a quite common issue in the population. In general around 10 - 15% of people experience formation of gallstones. Around 35% of post bariatric surgery patients experience gallstone disease.

Factors and groups with increased risk of gallstone disease

🔹Aging for both genders, especially women in middle age

🔹Women after pregnancy

🔹High cholesterol, high bilirubin or lack of bile salts

🔹Rapid weight loss

It is recommended to do an Ultrasound examination 6-8 months after bariatric surgery to control the gallbladder. If the gallstones are found, it is recommended not to wait long and to remove the galbladder to avoid future problems with stones travelling in bile ducts and/or inflammation.

Symptoms of gallstone disease

♦️Sudden and rapidly increasing severe pain in the upper abdomen

♦️Pain in the back between the shoulder blade

♦️Pain in the right shoulder

♦️Nausea and vomiting


♦️Yellowing of the skin or eyes

❗❗❗The gallstones' treatment method is a surgery - laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Life after gallbladder surgery is absolutely normal. The liver still makes enough bile to digest food, just instead of being stored in the gallbladder, bile drips continuously into digestive system.


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