It is a big question, a life changing and definitely not a one day decision. To help you understand is bariatric (or weight loss) surgery an option for you at all, we will ask you these questions -

1️⃣ Your weight and height. We will need to calculate your Body Mass Index to understand where you are with your weight issues (the surgery could be a recommendation if you suffer from severe obesity, BMI 30+),

2️⃣ Your age and health history. This will help the doctor assess your physical and emotional condition to be sure you are ready for surgery physically and also to commit to lifestyle changes after the surgery,

3️⃣ Your life story, habits, intentions to control weight on your own, results.


A few things that you definitely need to know about weight loss / bariatric surgery -

✅ This is the most effective and permanent weight loss method in todays developed medicine,

✅ Bariatric surgery is a general elective surgery performed under general anaesthesia,

✅ Bariatric surgery should be considered as the last, responsible step in your weight loss journey after you have tried conservative weight loss methods (diets, exercise and other),

✅ During bariatric surgery the surgeon changes person's gastro-intestinal system's anatomy,

✅ Bariatric / weight loss surgery is not magic, is a tool that you need to learn to use consciously all your life involving mindset, dietary and lifestyle changes.

✅ As all general surgeries, also bariatric surgery can have risks and side effects which you will discuss with your surgeon.

Overall, significant excess weight loss after bariatric surgery leads to healthier, more active life, improves and prevents obesity related health issues like diabetes type 2, hypertension, asthma, sleep apnea, joint and back issues, mental health. It brings people back to active lifestyle, healthier family and social life and prolongs the life. Scientifically approved.

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