BOOGIE is a surgical device – a soft silicone tube – that is inserted endoscopically (through the mouth, down the esophagus to stomach) and helps surgeons to calibrate and create precise anatomical alignment of new stomach pouch during gastric sleeve surgery.

SIZE OF BOOGIE. Boogies are measured and classified by their diameter. The International boogie measurement unit is French. 1 French = 0.33 mm. Recent studies show that the most effective boogie sizes are from 32 (1.1cm diameter) to 36 Fr (1.2 cm diameter). There are also boogies in size of 28 Fr, 30Fr and 38Fr, 40Fr, 46 Fr and even bigger. 

The size of boogie used during the gastric sleeve surgery determines the size of the new-created stomach pouch. The bigger boogie surgeon uses the bigger stomach sleeve is created. Boogie’s size affects the amount of weight person loses, also complication rate. Too narrow boogie may cause nausea, vomiting, reflux and too wide might be less effective for weight loss and post-operation long term success.

WHAT SIZE BOOGIE IS THE BEST? Weight Loss Latvia surgeons Dr Olegs Kozlovskis and Dr Juris Zarinovs at Sigulda Hospital typically use boogies in size of 36Fr for gastric sleeve surgeries.

GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY. During gastric sleeve surgery surgeon removes ~75-80% of original stomach size providing restriction. It helps to lose weight by limiting the amount of food the person can consume in one meal. Gastric sleeve surgery provides also metabolic changes. During the sleeve surgery fundus part of the stomach is removed and it is considered that it helps the patient to feel less hungry as well as to better control metabolic diseases. There are also other gastrointestinal hormones that are involved to help with appetite control, satiety and glucose control. 

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