Rhys, United Kingdom

Another surgery-versary flies by. Three years in fact (gastric bypass in August 2020). 15 stone down, still plenty more to loose. Time for my annual post about it, and some photos…People often ask me do I feel ‘better’ and the answer is always ‘a little’.

Like most people, my morbid obesity resulted from many factors, and majority of those were/are inside my head. Like many people who do weight loss surgery I still look in the mirror and photos and don’t like the look of what I see and don’t think I’ll ever be confident or attractive.

But as I reflect now on my progress I’m just greatful to be healthier, and maybe a little happier.

Once again, so grateful to my family for their support and to Ilva and Weight Loss Latvia for ensuring my life is longer and more interesting than it was before.

If you need help ask for it and don’t be scared of what others might think - I didn’t fix my weight for so long - what a waste of a large portion of my life that was!

Anyway - Happy surgery-versary to me.