Our all inclusive weight-loss surgery package is tailored to start helping you achieve your weight-loss goals immediately. Once you have made your decision to change your life for better and our expert bariatric surgeons have approved you for the surgery, your surgery will be scheduled in the closest possible time for you.

The surgeries are done at Sigulda Hospital in Latvia, which is the most experienced bariatric hospital in Latvia and the leading medical travel destination in Latvia. The great advantage and safety for patients is that all operations are performed by two professional, experienced general and bariatric surgeons dr Olegs Kozlovskis and dr Juris Zarinovs as a team. Double check of each step during the surgery is a very important issue for our customers’ safety.

Weight Loss Latvia offers two the most common, developed and effective types of Weight Loss Surgery – Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. For our customer convenience we have included all ancillary services in the cost. Save your valuable time and start your new life today!

Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery package includes

Pre- and post- operation recommendations, documentation, information;
Meet & greet, ground transportation, personal assistance;
Pre-op consultations with your surgeon and health tests (blood, urine, ECG, USG, Chest X-Ray, gastroscopy under light anaesthetics);
Surgery, intensive care;
Recovery & aftercare in the hospital;
24/7 care;
Consultations on continuous diet, lifestyle, follow up;
Continuous support and advice;
Free 50 minutes online initial UK based post-bariatric specialist’s and nutritionist’s Ms Vandhana Patel consultation and advice on post-bariatric life issues.

Gastric Sleeve 5100 € / Gastric Bypass 5370 €