During Gastric Sleeve or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) operation surgeon makes the stomach smaller in shape of tube or sleeve and removes about 85% of the original stomach.

This bariatric operation also is performed laparoscopically by small incisions in abdominal area. The new sleeve-shaped stomach is closed with surgical staples.

The aim of the sleeve surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach therefore the person will be able to eat much less amounts of food during one meal.

Who is a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery

It might be confusing to choose the right type of surgery. Here you go some advise by dr.Kozlovskis, bariatric surgeon, on who would be eligible for the sleeve surgery rather than other type of bariatric surgery.

  • BMI >35 & strong wish to reduce excess weight and improve health,
  • Young women, planing pregnancy in the future, because there is no malabsorption function involved, 
  • Persons, who have had big abdominal surgeries, thereby other types of weight loss surgeries do not suit because of inner scarring,
  • As a first step in weight reduction for persons with extra high BMI,
  • Research shows that Gastric sleeve surgery should not be recommended to persons suffering from Gastroesophageal reflux disease. In these situations Gastric bypass surgery is recommended rather than the sleeve as the bypass resolves the problem effectively, while after the Gastric sleeve surgery the reflux can even intensify in ~30% of cases.

All inclusive cost of the sleeve gastrectomy surgery is € 5370 or £ 4900

Advantages of Gastric sleeve surgery

  • There is no bypass of the small intestine made, so all nutrients are absorbed;
  • There is no foreign bodies left in patients stomach like after Lap Band surgery;
  • There is a less wound infection possibility than with Lap Band surgery.

Disadvantages of Gastric sleeve surgery

  • The operation is irreversible because the biggest part of stomach is removed permanently;
  • Big amount of staples, needed for stomach stapling, can cause leaking. Leaking fluids can cause health problems;
  • Pure weight-loss results in long-term may happen – the new stomach can stretch out after a while and cause regain of already lost weight.

Please feel free to ask for a surgeon consultation to help you decide which type of surgery is the most suitable for you!