Weight Loss Latvia all inclusive bariatric surgery package is tailored to start helping you achieve your weight-loss goals immediately. Once you have made your decision to change your life for better and our expert bariatric surgeons have approved you for bariatric surgery, your surgery will be scheduled in the closest possible time for you.

Bariatric surgeries are done at Sigulda Hospital in Latvia, which is one the most experienced bariatric hospitals in Latvia and the leading medical travel destination in Latvia. The greatest advantage and safety for our bariatric patients is that all operations are performed by two professional, experienced general and bariatric surgeons Dr Olegs Kozlovskis and Dr Juris Zarinovs as a team. Double check of each step during the surgery is a very important for our patient safety. A great advantage is also recovery in the hospital under control of your bariatric surgeon and medical personnel all 3 days after bariatric surgery. No hotels after general surgery!

Weight Loss Latvia offers two the most common, developed and effective types of bariatric surgery – Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. We perform also revision surgeries (gastric sleeve to bypass; lap band to gastric bypass/sleeve gastrectomy/mini bypass). For our customer convenience we have included all ancillary services in the bariatric surgery package cost. Save your valuable time and start your new life today!

Hi, I’m Ilva, a Bariatric Success Habits Instructor and also the person who you will contact by sending your enquiry to Weight Loss Latvia. I will meet you at the Riga airport and will be with you during all your stay in Latvia and will be your contact person after your bariatric surgery. I am English speaking, friendly and open, I work shoulder to shoulder with our surgeons and nurses. I care you feel safe and calm coming to Latvia for surgery. I care you reach your goals and stay happy and satisfied when you are back home. Get in touch with us by sending your enquiry! And, please, read below, what’s included in the bariatric surgery package!

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Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery package includes

Pre- and post- operation recommendations, documentation, information;
Meet & greet, transfers, personal assistance;
Pre-op consultations with your surgeon and health examinations (blood, urine, ECG, Chest X-Ray, gastroscopy  under light anaesthetics);
Surgery, post-op care in intensive care unit;
Recovery & aftercare in the hospital (not in a hotel);
24/7 personal care;
Consultations on continuous diet, lifestyle, follow up;
Continuous support and advice via Facebook group, phone, Whatsapp, email;
Free 50 minutes online initial consultation with the UK based licensed bariatric dietician Ms Vandhana Patel.

Gastric Sleeve / Gastric Bypass 5870 € 


Julian, England, Northwich

Underwent the gastric bypass surgery in December, 2018.
I was 22 stone with bmi of 42 and very unhappy with my life so I went to Latvia and had gastric bypass surgery. Well worth the cost it is slightly more expensive than some countries but in my opinion shorter travel distance and still under EU regulations makes a big difference. Don’t go too cheap it’s your life on the line.

I would recommend this clinic 100%.
It was great, I got met at the airport and taken to the private hospital all the staff spoke English and were very friendly. I saw the surgeon every day who kept me informed of everything that was happening. I felt safe going into the surgery which is very important.

Lance, Nottingham, United Kingdom

I had surgery on the 15th of feb, 2019, and had a gastric sleeve. I was a little worried travelling to another country for an operation. But when I landed I was picked up at the airport by one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. She was like my guardian angel and went out of her way to make sure I was taken car of while I was there. She dropped me at the hotel and picked me up the next morning. Everything was planned for me and it was all so easy. Ilva, I can’t thank you enough for taking care of me. Once at the hospital I was shown to my room for the next few days. Everything was explained and the doctor was superb and put all my fears to rest. The surgery went perfect and when I came round I was in intensive care and had a nurse take care of me .. I would recommend to any one to go to this hospital for gastric surgery. It was much easier than I expected and the staff are amazing. Oleg the surgeon is a genius and a very nice man to talk to. 6 weeks after surgery I had lost 16 kilos so very very happy.

Now 4 months post op, still a long way to go but I really am pleased with the changes. I feel like my old self and the health improvements are amazing. Feel so much better. Best thing I have ever done. Even though I sometimes miss tucking in to a big meal… lol.

Samantha, Stockton on Tees, United Kingdom

5 months post gastric bypass operation. Had the surgery on January, 2019. Still way to go!
The care I received from Ilva, the surgeon and all the nurses was fantastic. I would very highly recommend!

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Who qualifies for weight loss surgery?
You may qualify for bariatric surgery –

  • If your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher,
  • If your BMI is 33 or more and you have a serious weight-related health problem, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea and other,
  • If all your efforts to lose weight with diet and exercise have been unsuccessful.

Read more about Criteria for weight loss surgery.

How safe is weight loss surgery?
Bariatric surgery techniques are developed today and bariatric operations do not have higher risks than any other abdominal surgery. However, the risks may vary according to your general health condition, your age, the type of surgery, and the person’s initial weight. Bariatric surgery as all other abdominal operations can carry the risks of bleeding, infection, blood clotting, lung problems, stroke or heart attack, anaesthetic complications, obstruction of the intestine. These risks are very rare and are greater in morbidly obese patients.
In order to maximise patient’s safety, it is essential to provide your bariatric surgeon all necessary information on your health conditions and your medical history. To meet the highest safety standards we do complex pre-surgery internal, gastrointestinal, and cardiological diagnostics to all patients.

Which type of bariatric surgery is best for me?
To decide which type of bariatric surgery is the best for you, first of all you should get familiar with the options. Your surgeon is going to recommend the best type of bariatric surgery for you depending on your overall health condition, BMI and other factors. Some health issues can be an indication to choose one or other type of surgery, for example, if you suffer from Diabetes type 2, more likely gastric bypass will be a recommendation. Same as if you suffer from esophageal reflux disease. If your BMI is 40+ also gastric bypass could possibly be the right choice. Sleeve gastrectomy might be your choice, if you are young, BMI under 40 or you have specific metabolic issues. Your surgeon will help you to make the final decision.

How long will I stay in the hospital?
In Latvia and everywhere else most patients stay two nights in the hospital after the weight loss surgery. As we at Weight Loss Latvia work mostly with patients from other European countries, we keep our patients in the hospital 3 nights after the surgery to be sure it is safe to fly home. To our patients from US we recommend to stay in Latvia additional 3-4 days in the hotel.

Do I have to start a diet before the surgery?
Yes, you should start a pre-operation low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat, high protein diet 2-3 weeks prior the surgery, unless your surgeon specifies otherwise. It helps to reduce body fat and the size of your liver, and helps to minimise risk of surgery complications. We will provide you the pre-op dietary guidelines. Read more about How to prepare for the weight loss surgery.

How is the pain after the surgery?
You will have light or moderate pain in the first days after the surgery. Our medical personnel will take care of pain management depending on your needs. You should feel good enough without pain relief medications on the day you are discharged from the hospital. Any pain related to the surgery should disappear after 7-14 days.

Will I need to stop smoking?
We highly recommend to minimise or stop smoking at least three months before the surgery. Smoking and nicotine may increase the risk of blood clotting and lung problems, it may also slow healing and increase risk of wound infection.

How soon after bariatric surgery I can return to work?
Returning to work after bariatric surgery depends on your work, post-op recovery and your possibilities. Mostly people return to work a week or two after bariatric surgery. It is still not allowed to carry heavy things then, so you have to be sure you give time to your wounds to heal before you start a hard physical work. For physically hard work it is recommend to recover 6 weeks after bariatric surgery.

How soon after bariatric surgery may I drive?
It is recommended to start driving when you can tolerate rapid breaking of a car without hurting your wounds and without any pain on your stomach.

What is stomach size after bariatric surgery?
Stomach size after bariatric surgery can vary by surgical procedure and surgeon. In the gastric bypass RNY, the stomach pouch is created at one ounce in size (~30 ml). About 6 to 12 months later, the stomach pouch will become more expandable. Mostly people end up with a meal capacity of one cup or 4-8 oz (120 – 230 ml) per meal. For gastric sleeve surgery Dr.Olegs Kozlovskis at Sigulda Hospital typically uses 36F size boogie.

May I continue using my medications after bariatric surgery?
Yes. Your surgeon will review your medication list and you will discuss it. Most pills or capsules are small enough to pass through to the new stomach pouch after bariatric surgery. Initially, your doctor may suggest that medications be taken in liquid or crushed form. Vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended to start taking 2 weeks after bariatric surgery.

When I may start exercising after bariatric surgery?
You will be encouraged to start walking as soon as possible after your  bariatric surgery. Early after the surgery walking is the most recommended physical activity. You should exercise every day because exercise is important to overall health and also for successful weight loss and maintenance. We recommend walking minimum 30 minutes per day to start, increasing the activity length to 45 minutes to one hour daily to maintain healthy weight. 6-8 weeks post-op you can start doing more active physical activities like swimming, power trainings and other.

When it is allowed to turn back to sexual activity after bariatric surgery?
You may return to normal sexual life after bariatric surgery, when surgery wounds are healed and there is no discomfort. Some people experience a drop in desire for about six weeks.

How soon I may get pregnant after bariatric surgery?
It is strongly recommended to plan pregnancy at least two years after bariatric surgery.

Will I need to have plastic surgery to remove loose skin after my bariatric surgery?
Not necessarily. However, it depends on person’s age, genetics, the amount of the lost weight and other factors. To make a decision about plastic surgery after bariatric surgery it is recommended to go down to goal weight and maintain it for at least 6 months. Typically it is within 18-24 months after weight loss surgery.

Will I lose my hair after bariatric surgery?
Shedding hair 3-6 months after bariatric surgery is quite a common issue. It is caused by fast and strict changes in your nutrition, general stress of the body and possibly, but less likely, some nutrient deficiency. Here are some tips to avoid the hair loss –

  • Follow you consume a minimum of 60 to 80 grams of protein daily,
  • Eat a wide variety of healthy, nutrient-dense foods every day,
  • If you can not reach the protein goals with food, add protein supplements (shakes or powders) to meet daily protein intake goals,
  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations for vitamin and mineral supplements.

Good news is that bariatric surgery-related hair loss is not permanent, it will grow back!

Will I be able to go off some of my medications after the surgery?
Yes, definitely. In general the reason of having weight loss surgery is to improve your health and it really works. Read more about What to expect after the surgery.

What is dumping syndrome?
Dumping syndrome is also called rapid gastric emptying. It occurs when food, especially sugar and fat rich one, moves from stomach into small bowel too quickly.
Also eating and drinking simultaneously can cause the dumping syndrome. Signs and symptoms of the dumping syndrome may be – feeling bloated after eating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, dizzyness, rapid heart rate. Read more about Dietary guidelines.

Can bariatric surgery be reversed?
Gastric bypass is a reversible procedure. Sleeve gastrectomy is irreversible.

Is there anyone who should not have bariatric surgery?
There are some contraindications to bariatric surgery. These include contraindications to general anaesthesia or uncorrectable coagulopathy, also untreated severe psychiatric conditions such as depression, bipolar disease, and/or schizophrenia. Severe heart failure, unstable coronary artery disease, end-stage lung disease, active cancer treatment, drug / alcohol dependency, also peptic ulcer disease until it is successfully treated, and, of course, pregnancy are also contraindications to the bariatric surgery.